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Some of the hardest problems facing your non profit may include

  • donors asking you for data that does not exist
  • cost pressure to work with smaller waste companies that are less expensive but less reliable
  • little appetite from donors to pay for environmental operations
  • lack of support from the government on best practices
  • scarce human resources to devote to environmental programs
  • the high cost of systems and software to manage eWaste
  • costs involved with ESG reporting
  • new requirements to become more sustainable

Non profits exist for the betterment of society. You sacrifice financial reward for a cause you intimately believe in. Your advocate for the most underrepresented beings (and places) on the planet.

You want a consistent vision and mission across all levels of your organization. The best nonprofits care about so much more than their raison d'etre. They can tell you how their mission is part of their everyday practices.

In the short term, create partnerships that help you understand best practices for your organization. Invest in solutions to make your supply chains more transparent.

One area relates to how you spend your money. When you advertise an opportunity for waste colletion, ask more questions. Ask the suppliers to include a description of all the costs involved to properly remediate your eWaste. Compare the types of costs. You are looking for areas that are typically underfunded or unaddressed, such as data collection, HSE, or audits.

Once you choose a supplier, ask your eWaste management company about the smaller suppliers in their supplier chain. Then, research them. Have they been fined for illegal dumping?

Also ask your supplier about HSE. How do they ensure all staff who handle eWaste in their supply chain are protected from exposure to toxins?

Publicise your efforts to encourage other nonprofits to be more proactive. Include your activities in your reporting and on your website.

For help in executing any of the recommendations, contact MobiCycle.

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